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                                   HI, Welcome to my site!

I know alot of us have questions about God. Some of us want to know more about who GOD is and about his only son, Jesus Christ.  Alot of us would like to know more about Heaven and Angels.  Alot of people would like to know about who Satan really is, where did he come from and who he once was?

I have been doing ALOT of reading and research for several months now, which started as me looking up answers to things I wanted to know. And as I was doing that, I became so interested and so caught up in everything I was learning.  You think you might know alot about the BIBLE, but until you really start reading, understanding and taking it all in, there are so many surprising things that you didn't know.

Let me tell you what happened to me as I started my little journey with this site.  It started as me wanting to know more and more information as I read, then I wanted to share all my readings with other people who don't know God or want to know God.  Then all the sudden as I'm reading and writing (typing) as I go along, so much of this has totally sunk in my brain.  I've always had problems remembering things, but when I write things down, they really stick in my head and not forgotten.  So, I have been learning in a whole new light about our Lord and I can't tell you enough how much of a wonderful feeling it is. it's a special kind of love and 100% trust.

EVERYONE is welcomed on my site. Jesus created ONE CHURCH, he did not create a Lutheran, Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, ect..., ONE CHURCH, he created.  Then why all the denominations? Because our world is with Sin and yes, we mortal people had to argue over the scriptures and how different people taught them.  They all teach about God and his Son, but like I said it's all in the interpretation.  Which doesn't make sense to me, Scriptures are what they are.  They can't be transformed or flipped into something you want to believe.  It is the Word of God, period, who is "unchanged".

So, join me here in getting to know our Lord.  Read the wonderous things he has instore for us.  See how loving and caring our God is.  Feel all the joy and praise him for all the gifts he has given us.

Learn about the Scriptures along with some articles I picked out about what God would say, and why?

Everything in my site is backed up with the Scriptures.  There are some places where it is an article I read or something in my thoughts which I state as I write.

Join me in reading about the truth of Who is God? Who is Jesus? Who is Satan, What are Angels? The End Of the Old World, The New World.  I am not a Minister or a Pastor.  Just someone who loves my Lord and Savior and wanted to share along with others as I learn more about the Bible.

Those that already know God, want to know God, love reading about God, just sharing the "Good News". I am definitley not perfect.  I am a sinner in the world who has to ask the Lord for forgivenss.  In this corrupted world of ours, you can not make it alone without God.  We all need is help.

                                               So, again..

       "Welcome" and "May the peace of the Lord be with you always".




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